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Keep Comfortable All Year with A Leading HVAC Contractor

When you live in Florida, keeping your home comfortable during the year will require a professional air conditioning contractor. Weather on Merritt Island as well as the surrounding area is typically hot and humid, but there is no doubt that there can be some chilly temps when winter sets in. Of course, homeowners in this area don’t experience the same severe weather that many northern states must endure, but ensuring a comfortable home environment means not only having a reliable air conditioning contractor, but also having a contractor who can keep your heating system running at its best.

A leading heating and air conditioning contractor will be able to provide maintenance on both your heating and cooling systems. This is an important factor in not only keeping your HVAC system protected for maximum longevity, but it can also help increase the efficiency of your equipment.

Your heating and air conditioning contractor will inspect your equipment, make adjustments and check for potential problems. Whether you need minor repairs or it’s time for new equipment, your heating and air conditioning contractor will be able to offer professional service. Additionally, if you need new HVAC equipment a professional contractor will offer quality Trane equipment for excellent energy efficiency.

Whether you are a seasonal resident or you live on Merritt Island year-round, a reputable heating and air conditioning contractor will be an important part of keeping your home comfortable. At Merritt Island Air and Heat, we have been providing exceptional HVAC service for both commercial and residential customers since 1971. Whether you want a new high efficiency Trane air conditioner installed or you need heating maintenance before the cold weather hits the area, you can be sure that our experienced technicians will offer quality service. Give Merritt Island Air and Heat a call today.