Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance For Best Performance

Like most homeowners in Central Florida, you are probably switching between your air conditioner and heat pump in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. While the hottest days of summer have given way to the more moderate temperatures of winter, there are certainly times when the outside temperature drops and you’ll want the comfort of a reliable heating system. Fortunately, with regular heat pump maintenance by a professional service technician, your HVAC system will be ready to keep you comfortable, regardless of the weather.
Annual heat pump maintenance can help protect your equipment, but it also offers the benefit of more efficient operation. A heat pump that receives professional heat pump maintenance will be functioning as efficiently as possible – an excellent way to reduce utility bills. Additionally when you keep up with heat pump maintenance, you save money by prolonging the life of your HVAC equipment. Most homeowners know that heat pumps can be expensive, but with proper heat pump maintenance, you’ll be able to get many years of dependable service from your investment.
Another important factor in regular heat pump maintenance is that your trained HVAC technician will often be able to spot potential problems and have them fixed before you’re faced with a major breakdown. Taking care of small problems now can help avoid inconvenient and often more expensive repairs later on.
At Merritt Island Air & Heat, we have been providing both residential and commercial heating and cooling services since 1971. We offer AC and Heat service throughout Central Florida and you can always count on us to provide fast, professional heat pump maintenance and repairs. Our service technicians can repair, replace or service just about any type of HVAC equipment so you can keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Give Merritt Island Air & Heat a call today.

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