HVAC Services in Titusville, FL

As you may know, the environment in Titusville plays a major factor in HVAC system considerations. For instance, coastal Florida experiences dramatic swings in temperature, precipitation, wind and humidity. Additionally, the ocean air is filled with salt-laden moisture making it a formidable corrosive force. Fortunately, the experts at Merritt Island Air & Heat have the answers to everything the moody climate of Titusville can throw our way.

Merritt Island is proud to be a certified dealer of Trane products, which are designed for performance, energy efficiency and durability no matter the conditions outside. Trane systems utilize all-aluminum spine fin coils to ensure your unit is protected against corrosion. Other features of Trane systems include:

  • Weather Guard II TopWithstands 1,440 hours of 194 degree desert heat
    – Withstands 100 ft/lbs of impact in -35 degree arctic cold
    – Withstands the impact of a 90mph fastball
  • Seacost Shield
    – Protects transition joints from salt spray and pollution
    – Eliminates need for corrosion-preventive materials
    – An added durability feature for ocean front environment
  • Integrated Steel Cabinet
    – Full coil protection
    – Recessed screws, rounded edges and integrated panels make Trane’s outdoor unit safe for the backyard.
  • Weather Guard Fasteners
    – Rust resistant
    – Meet 1,000 hour salt spray test

Contact Merritt Island Air & Heat today with questions regarding new or existing systems so we can help your home feel as comfortable as it should. We’ve been providing expert HVAC service in Titusville for over 30 years.

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