Preventative Care Can Avoid Repair on Your Air Conditioner

Before you consider air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL, keep in mind the climate of this area and what you can do to keep your unit in good condition. Your home needs to be properly insulated if your unit is to be at top efficiency and energy is not wasted. This applies to ceilings, walls and floors as well as the obvious doors and windows. The humid air that comes in from the outside can take up to 30% of an air conditioner’s energy needs. Change the filters every month to prevent clogs that reduce the unit’s capacity to cool.

In Florida, mildew and mold are ever-present hazards, not just for your home but for your health. Mold in the air conditioner can be blown through the whole house every time you turn on the unit, and cause respiratory illnesses in some people. If you keep your air conditioning ducts free of buildup, this inhibits mold growth since these microorganisms need organic material to feed on. They also need moisture and air conditioning ducts often provide the right amount. If you notice any water in your ducts, your air conditioning system needs to be serviced. If you detect a musty odor or see mold growing anywhere in your home you should have a specialist come and check your air conditioning system to make sure it is not the source of any mold.An air conditioning specialist can clean your unit free of mold by reaching the parts of ductwork you could not easily access.

Don’t put unnecessary stress on your unit. Keep the blinds closed during the heat of the day, or build awnings over your windows. In the summer, don’t use the kitchen exhaust fan too long as it will suck in outside air. Anything in your house that produces heat, such as a lamp or a television, should not be placed near the thermostat, or it will register a higher temperature in the house and keep the air conditioning running longer than it should. If you a careful to maintain your system, you may be able to avoid costly air conditioning repair in Melbourne, Fl.

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