How Do Air Conditioners Work

Nowadays no one can imagine living in Florida without air conditioning, but how does this amazing device keep your summers cool? Before you hire a professional AC contractor in Rockledge, FL, it helps to know a little about how these units work. The air conditioner operates on a basic principle of physics. When a liquid turns into a gas, it absorbs heat. The coolant in your unit is a special liquid that can expand into a gas and then be compressed back into a liquid in a continuous cycle. The heat it absorbs, as well as the heat created by compression, is blown outside, and the cooler air produced by the removal of heat is pushed into the house.

An air conditioner has four main parts: an evaporator, a condenser, an expansion valve, and a compressor. The evaporator coil receives the coolant, where it expands into a gas. The expansion valve relieves the pressure on the coolant as it flows into the evaporator. Central units that are common in houses have the compressor and condenser outside in an all-weather casing. This is because they both create heat, the compressor by converting the coolant to liquid by pumping, and the condenser coil which transfers the heat out of the coolant. In addition to these parts, a fan is used to blow cool air inside and the heated air out.

The system is pretty simple in design, and with regular maintenance you should limit any problems with your air conditioner. Keep your evaporator coils clean and free of debris and dust so they can do their job efficiently. Likewise, the condenser coils should be free of debris that may collect on the outside housing. Replace or clean your filters regularly to keep dirt out of the unit. If you notice a significant amount of dirt or if your unit has not been cleaned in a long time, call a professional AC contractor in Rockledge, FL from Merritt Island Air and Heat, Inc.We can thoroughly clean your system and return it to top performance.