Choose The Right Heating System For Your Home In Boger City

Your HVAC systems — heating, ventilation and air conditioning – is crucial to the comfort of your family. When it comes to heat installation, there are many options from which Boger City property owners can choose. Some of the most widely used systems to heat residential homes include the following.

Forced Air Heating

This type of system warms air over a heating element and then blows the warm air through the building via a fan. Air can be heated by natural gas, electricity or steam coils. While forced air systems do heat rooms quickly, the heated air rises to the ceiling. That results in unequal heat distribution.

Radiant Heating

In this system, a liquid – typically water or oil – is heated in a main boiler. The heated liquid is sent throughout a building through pipes, from which the heat radiates and warms spaces within the home. Because there is no heat lost from ducts, radiant heating can be more cost-efficient than forced air.

Electric Resistance Heating

This system uses electric coils to heat. The coils often are within metal tubes that are held in position by several metal fins. Much like a heating burner on an electric range, the metal coils in a electric resistance system become hot when electricity is run through them. The heat radiates from the coils and warms a room. Electric resistance heat installation is comparably inexpensive. However, the systems are expensive to operate.

Solar Heating

Active solar systems include glass panels containing metal coils filled with liquid. These are attached to roofs that face south. The sun heats the liquid, and the warmed liquid is pumped through the home to create radiant heat.

Deciding what type of system you need depends on many variables. The home’s size, style and design all factor in, as does the local climate in Boger City. If you’re in the market for a new heating system in your NC home, talk to an HVAC professional about what system will work best for you.

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