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Furnace Service Can Keep Your System Running Smoothly

It can be frustrating when your furnace is not doing its job of keeping your home warm. It might be working, but you have to put it at a high setting to keep your place at a reasonable temperature. Before this scenario happens, it might be a good idea to contact a technician to perform service in Rockledge, FL.

Annual maintenance will go a long way in keeping your furnace running smoothly and cost efficiently. There are a few things you can do to keep the unit working. It is important to clean or replace filters. If the filter becomes too dirty or clogged, normal air flow will decrease reducing the system’s efficiency. If you replace a dirty or clogged filter with a new one, you could lower your energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. It is a good idea to clean or replace the filter every month or when the hot air is running constantly. Filters are available in different varieties; some are reusable and others are disposable.

Hiring a technician to perform furnace service in Rockledge, FL, will help with the more technical aspects of upkeep. Checking for duct leakage in the central heat system is another task that can be performed. A technician can seal any leaks that are discovered.  Electrical terminals can be cleaned and connections can be tightened. A non-conductive coating can be applied to the terminals, if it is necessary.

As the winter months approach, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a technician to perform heating service in Rockledge, FL. Preemptive work will help your system work correctly and cost efficiently all winter long.

Protect Your Air Condition With Professional Maintenance

Homeowners in Central Florida are relaxing in the mild weather that has made this area popular with tourists and locals. Of course, even sunny Florida has some cold winter days and when the temperatures drop, a reliable heating system will be a necessity. Fortunately, a reputable HVAC contractor will have trained technicians capable of handling all of your heating and air conditioner service.

While many people up north are struggling with freezing temperatures and plenty of snowfall, many homeowners in Florida are still using their air conditioners. Winter in this part of the south can be sporadic. You will typically have a few chilly days with some warm days sprinkled in, so making sure your air conditioner service keeps your heating and cooling systems in top condition is extremely important.

An HVAC contractor will offer air conditioner service that ranges from the installation of new equipment to repairs and maintenance. Ongoing air conditioner service by a reputable HVAC contractor will insure you’re getting the most energy efficient performance from your equipment, but it will also help protect your air conditioner so that you get many years of reliable service.

Even if you have not experienced any problems with your cooling system, now is the perfect time to schedule air conditioner service. Your HVAC contractor will be less busy during the winter months and you will be able to schedule a convenient time for your annual maintenance as well as a system tune-up by a professional HVAC technician.

At Merritt Island Air & Heat, our experienced technicians have been providing quality heating and air conditioner service for residential and commercial customers throughout the area since 1971. Whether you live in Melbourne, Merritt Island or one of the surrounding communities, our experienced technicians can help with all of your heating and cooling needs. Give us a call today!

Rely On A Leading HVAC Contractor For AC Service

Winters in this part of Florida are generally very mild, but there are cold spells where homeowners and commercial properties will want a heating system they can count on. A leading HVAC contractor will offer quality HVAC service as well as repairs and maintenance for your heating system. Year-round comfort is important and an experienced HVAC contractor will have the trained service technicians necessary to ensure your home or business is always comfortable.

If you do not yet have a HVAC contractor, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable contractor. Waiting until you need air conditioning service will put you at a disadvantage; not only will you be stressed trying to find a contractor in a hurry, but you will likely be paying more to cool and heat your home than is necessary.

Professional air conditioning service is an excellent way to reduce high energy bills. This is definitely an important factor when you live in Florida. Of course, a reliable air conditioning service will also be there when you need them. Whether you simply need routine maintenance to keep your air conditioner in top condition or you need emergency air conditioner repairs after hours, knowing who you will call can provide a little peace-of-mind.

At Merritt Island Air and Heat, we take pride in delivering exceptional heating and cooling services to residents of Central Florida. As a leading HVAC contractor, we have been providing exceptional service since 1971. Give Merritt Island Air and Heat a call today!

What Are You Paying For When Hiring A Professional HVACR Contractor

When you walk into a store and buy something, you know that it is marked up to cover the cost and shipping of the goods, so the store covers its costs. But there are many other factors that go into that mark up, such as employee salaries and benefits and overhead expenses.  As consumers, we have become accustomed to these mark ups and don’t think twice about them.

The same mark up principle applies for professional HVACR contractors when they are setting prices for their services. Not only does a contractor need to cover the cost of the repair, tune-up, or installation; they need to make sure that they are covering all of the costs of doing business and make sure they are making a profit, so they can stay in business and continue providing you with outstanding service.

What Costs Do Professional HVACR Contractors Consider When Setting Prices?

The Cost Of The Service

Every service has a cost to be performed. Depending on the service that cost will vary. At a store this would be the cost of goods.

Employee Salaries & Benefits

Contractors have to take into consideration how much they pay all of their employees, plus the costs of benefits such as insurance premiums, uniforms, and tools.

Licensing, Bonding, & Insurance

Not all states require contractor licenses, but where they do, contractors must pay for the license, and ensure they have all the necessary training, policies, and on-going procedures in place to meet the requirements. Besides licenses, contractors should also have liability insurance and be bonded.

Training & Certifications

Trane Logo 114You wouldn’t want someone who wasn’t trained working on your air conditioner or heater, would you? Professional contractors spend time and money each year sending their employees to training and to get them certified to make sure they are up-to date on the latest equipment, techniques, standards, codes, and requirements to get the job done right and safely the first time. The heating and cooling industry is a rapidly-changing technology industry; good contractors know their technicians must receive continuous education to stay on top of their game and provide you with excellent service.

Fuel & Vehicle MaintenanceIMG_2455-001

Vehicles are one of the most important assets of a contracting business, it’s how they get to you, so they must keep their fleets in good working order. That means oil changes, vehicle tune-ups, new tires, state required inspections, and insurance. They also have to consider the price of gas.

Overhead Costs

These costs include the building the contractor’s business is located in, utilities, and taxes just to name a few.

Government Regulations

Just like all businesses, contractors must comply with many government regulations.

This includes requirements from the DOE, EPA, and OSHA.

How Can Some Contractors Offer Cheap or Free Tune Ups?

Yes, some contractors out there offer low cost tune-ups and repairs. But, buyer beware, when a contractor is consistently offering low-cost services, they are likely cutting corners. What corners are they cutting?

Training & Certifications

Many low-cost contractors are only concerned with getting a job and moving on to the next one, so they don’t invest in education for their employees. Do you really want an untrained technician working on your system? You should always ask contractors to describe their training programs.

Licensing, Bonding, & Insurance

Many low-cost contractors are operating illegally without proper government licensing.

They also often don’t have liability insurance, which could mean additional costs at your expense, and a possible legal battle, if something goes wrong.

Professional Service

DealerOwnerFilterIf a contractor is only concerned with being the lowest initial bidder, he or she is probably only looking to make as much money off of you as possible and then move on. The low-bid contractor may be more likely to require unnecessary repairs, so that he or she can increase the price you pay once the job starts. Since the low-cost contractor is probably not interested in a long-term business relationship, he or she has less incentive to provide quality, professional service at a reasonable price.

Your home’s indoor environment plays a major role in your family’s health, safety, and quality of life. As with most things, you get what you pay for. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By working with a professional heating and cooling contractor, you will receive overall better service and you will be able to build a relationship with a contractor that you can trust to take care of you, your family, and your home.