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Protect Your Air Condition With Professional Maintenance

Homeowners in Central Florida are relaxing in the mild weather that has made this area popular with tourists and locals. Of course, even sunny Florida has some cold winter days and when the temperatures drop, a reliable heating system will be a necessity. Fortunately, a reputable HVAC contractor will have trained technicians capable of handling all of your heating and air conditioner service.

While many people up north are struggling with freezing temperatures and plenty of snowfall, many homeowners in Florida are still using their air conditioners. Winter in this part of the south can be sporadic. You will typically have a few chilly days with some warm days sprinkled in, so making sure your air conditioner service keeps your heating and cooling systems in top condition is extremely important.

An HVAC contractor will offer air conditioner service that ranges from the installation of new equipment to repairs and maintenance. Ongoing air conditioner service by a reputable HVAC contractor will insure you’re getting the most energy efficient performance from your equipment, but it will also help protect your air conditioner so that you get many years of reliable service.

Even if you have not experienced any problems with your cooling system, now is the perfect time to schedule air conditioner service. Your HVAC contractor will be less busy during the winter months and you will be able to schedule a convenient time for your annual maintenance as well as a system tune-up by a professional HVAC technician.

At Merritt Island Air & Heat, our experienced technicians have been providing quality heating and air conditioner service for residential and commercial customers throughout the area since 1971. Whether you live in Melbourne, Merritt Island or one of the surrounding communities, our experienced technicians can help with all of your heating and cooling needs. Give us a call today!

Improve Efficiency with A New AC Installation

Have you noticed your cooling bills going up over the past few seasons? Does it seem like you have you been calling for AC repairs and service more frequently? Chances are you could benefit from a new air conditioning installation that will be able to deliver more reliable cooling while also cutting down on energy bills.

It’s certainly easy to see that you need a new air conditioning installation when your current cooling system finally reaches the end of its life, but contemplating replacing your existing equipment that’s still functioning can be a little more complicated. Fortunately, a leading HVAC contractor can be an excellent resource in helping you evaluate the best option for your circumstances.

There is no doubt that a new air conditioning installation can be a big investment, especially when you want quality equipment and a professional installation, but putting off replacing your cooling system might actually be costing you more money than you’re saving. With an energy efficient cooling system, you will likely experience lower electric bills and, of course, your new air conditioning installation will be able to offer more reliable cooling with fewer repair bills.

With summer heating up and residents across Merritt Island looking for a reliable and affordable way to keep their residential or commercial property cool and comfortable, a new air conditioning installation might be the perfect solution. Whether you want to replace your current air conditioner or you have new construction ready for the installation of a dependable cooling system, finding the right equipment and AC contractor is important.

At Merritt Island Air & Heat, our experienced air conditioning installation technicians are trained to provide the very best in installation, repairs and maintenance. When you need fast repairs for your commercial AC or you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s central cooling system, our HVAC technicians are ready to help. Give Merritt Island Air & Heat a call today.